For more than 20 years now, Annette Himstedt's delightful dolls have enchanted collectors and that is set to continue!

For economic reasons, the Annette Himstedt Puppenmanufaktur has closed down. At the end of September 2008 Annette Himstedt made a public announcement to all her collectors and dealers that this would inevitably be the case. At the end of April 2009 the situation was finalised and since then, there is no longer an Annette Himstedt Puppenmanufaktur in Paderborn, Germany.

However, before the manufacturing business finally closed down, Annette Himstedt together with a small team did succeed in creating a magical collection of 5 different dolls. This "Farewell Collection" (including four little girls and one little boy - in a limited quantity of 43 respectively) will be available for sale, solely through the American "Toy Shoppe", who have represented the largest Himstedt dealers for decades. Information with regard to this collection, including the possibility of downloading the catalogue can be accessed via the dealer's website.

Antha Mei Mei Ping Mei Kateri Ole Annette Himstedt's "Farewell Collection" for the American "Toy Shoppe"

No matter whether you are interested in the "Farewell Collection" or all previous ones... each collection has its own charm, each one was and still remains a thing of great beauty! At this point, we wish to express our heart-felt thanks to Annette Himstedt and her team for all the enchanting dolls, which she provided over so many years.

Despite having to say farewell to the Himstedt Puppenmanufaktur ... you will still be able to obtain delightful Himstedt dolls in the future. The collectors' market is highly active - and you can rely on our continuing contribution!

You can find dolls momentarily on sale at our shop under "Online-Shop" or alternatively, you can contact us directly by sending us a mail stating the doll of your choice. We often just don't find the time to place all we have in our shop. Upon enquiry we would then get in touch with you as soon as we have the relevant doll available.

Best wishes from
Galerie Young Classics
Ursula Brosenne