If you are anxious to add a doll to your collection, please let us know - even if the doll is sold out at present.

The production of the new collection is at full speeds and the dolls will be delivered successively. Please note that order adjournments are still possible, as long as the dolls ordered in advance have not yet been paid and therewith purchased by the collectors.

At the Himstedt manufactory we also find ourselves on the waiting list for many dolls.

And this is why we are sometimes in a position to offer a doll, which was already declared to be "sold out"!

Do you wish to place a reservation for a doll, which is currently unavailable? If so, please fill in the fields located on the right hand side. In case of order adjournments, we will contact you.

Please fill out the reservation form at the right and mail us your special order here - thank you.

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