In order to enable you to gain maximum pleasure from your Himstedt dolls…

here are our best, up-to-date tips as to treatment of these enchanting Himstedt Kinder made of vinyl. All advice is based on our very own experience. Please note, we do not claim infallibility and the information is not exhaustive. We work on the assumption that these tips can still be improved upon and correspondingly amended.
  In order to make it perfectly clear and understandable: vinyl does in fact," breathe", and is in a way, a "living" substance and not an inanimate material at all. Please remember this fact whenever you want to re-dress your dolls or want to style them up! Bear in mind that warmth and also storage in a box can cause vinyl to be adversely affected by other substances and in certain cases may also be susceptible to dye.
  The best thing to do is to dress your dolls in clothes made from colourfast fabrics. In the event of uncertainty, do wash the clothes in question first, as this will ensure that already a good portion of the superfluous dye has been rinsed out.
  Many people wash new clothes anyhow due to the fact that they often already smell of chemicals. Please do the same when having bought clothes for your Himstedt dolls, particularly if it is black clothing!
The following should be avoided:
*metal in direct contact with the vinyl. For example, should you wish to dress your doll in a pair of jeans with a metal fastener, please make sure that the metal does not come into direct contact with the vinyl body. Rather, first dress the "Himstedt" doll in a shirt or vest. There have been a few cases known, where metal parts have left greenish marks on the doll's body.
*leather ties and straps, metal necklaces and decorative articles made of materials that you are not sure of and cannot place could possibly cause a reaction to the vinyl. With regard to dressing up and any type of jewelry, beads made of glass are the safest choice.
*metal zips on boots, which could possibly directly touch the vinyl legs and are tight-fitting. Prefer zips made of man-made fibre or alternatively, make sure that the zip is appropriately covered on the inside. The best solution is to first dress your doll in socks.
*glitter and sparkling accessories should not be used over long periods of time!
*direct sunlight and / or UV rays in close proximity to the dolls. This of course, also applies to beamers and all types of black light.
Place your Himstedt doll correctly in its own doll stand…

The doll stand's support fixture should only surround the lower part of the stuffed body of the Himstedt doll, i.e. never positioned around the vinyl parts. A holder, which has been positioned around the body, even beneath the arms, leaves unsightly marks and can even leave indentations on the body of the doll. Furthermore, the use of material beneath the holder does not protect the vinyl! Only use robust and appropriate stands for your dolls.

Create a kind of ambience of well-being for your Himstedt dolls…

Our well-founded experience proves that the dolls should be allowed to "breathe", and only decorated in a pleasant environment similar to that suited to human beings. Under these conditions there have never yet been any Himstedt dolls that have ever suffered damage.

The reason for this is as follows: in just as much as a human being does not appreciate a stuffy environment the same applies to the Himstedt dolls - at least not over a long period of time.

In our opinion, the feeling of well-being requires a certain degree of humidity in any given room. This is certainly the case in winter. When heating more, there is often a lack of humidity in many rooms. People notice this themselves when they detect chapped lips, irritation of the eyes and dry hands. In addition, there is also the possibility that during this time, vinyl reacts more sensitively and in a similar way…!??

Then of course winter comes and all the Christmas decorations. If you have a large amount of artificial snow, glitter and such in your Christmas decorations, please remember that tiny particles can be distributed in the air. These particles finally drop down on the dolls and could in rare cases also bring about a reaction…!??

If you turn the head of your doll, please take care that you do not grasp the head of the doll by the nose! Often, you inadvertently turn the head of the doll by holding the rear of the head and simultaneously the nose, which then over a period of time, starts to shine. Many collectors do not value this at all. Make sure that on principle, you have grease-free fingers if you are re-clothing and / or decorating your doll.
Superficial streaks (not scratches!), which your doll might have on the body or limbs, can be carefully removed with the magic eraser (e.g. Mr. Clean). Please do not use same on painted surfaces (face).
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