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The Messenger's: A Tooth fairy Tale by Stephella
Each year in the month of June, when the moon is full, the Woodland Fairies get very excited as one of their own gets chosen by the High Council, to be "Tooth Fairy" for one year. Queen Harmonia, has been informed by the messenger fairies, Jasmine and Violet, of their choice. She very much approves, although she seems like she is sleeping through the whole ordeal. It is good to be Queen! The two fairies set off to the meadow at daybreak to tell the lovely garden nymph, who won the honor. They are so excited!

The Tooth Fairy this year is, Lilliemore! She is very beloved among her woodland tribe and was chosen for her happy disposition, kindness to others and perfect "Crest" smile. She is delighted and overcome with joy to hear this news and hugs her two little friends!

Lillie is then presented with her very specially made tooth fairy wings and bag of gold coins. Jasmine and Violet, inform her of the rituals of her job and Lilliemore, is very anxious to perform her duties.

It is twilight on the “Bridge of Tranquil Waters". As the moon shines on her, Lilliemore whispers a prayer to be worthy of this gift, bestowed on her. She has time to reflect and enjoy the majestic beauty of her surroundings, before she must prepare herself to fly. She just can not believe that she was born, with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, in her heart. The fruit of the Spirit, the gift that those who are trusted around human children, must possess. Now off she flies to the home of Elina, the first human child that she has EVER seen. Lilliemore was told to place a gold coin under the slumbering child's pillow, in return for one lost tooth. She gazes at the sleeping Elina, clutching her stuffed bunny. Fairy Lilliemore, is in wonder and in awe, of this gentle, innocent and angelic soul. This child is loved, she can tell and is having Heavenly dreams.

Lillie grabs the tooth and prepares to place the gold coin under the child's pillow. The tooth feels odd and Lilliemore wonders if she will ever lose a tooth herself. She drops the coin, but she can not stop gazing at this child. Dawn arrives and she must leave soon, before Elina awakens. Lilliemore wants to leave the child another coin, but her instructions were only one coin for each tooth lost.

The next morning, Lilliemore sits and smells the Hydrangea flower she has plucked from the garden and delights in her memories of Elina. She wonders how the upcoming night and a new child, will compare with the last. She knows somewhere in her heart it will be just as awesome, as all children are unique, guarded by the angels and loved by God.